Connect With Other Vegans


One of the most amazing things I discovered was that once you make the decision to change your eating plan, you find many other people who have made similar changes. This was one of the biggest surprises I personally had when deciding to do my part and adopt a vegan lifestyle.  After making the change and launching Vegan For One Day, I found hundreds, actually thousands of people on social media who are living a vegan lifestyle.  I also discovered people in my own life who made the decision to stop eating animals.

Earlier this week I was at an event that served lunch.  As I was getting my food, the woman in front of me started to build a sandwich without meat (she did take a slice of cheese).  Of course I had to ask, “Are you vegetarian?”  She replied, “Yes”.  As a result, I felt an instant connection.

How you treat your body says a lot about you

Now I know there’s a big difference between being vegan and being vegetarian, but the fact remains that how you eat and treat your body says a lot about your beliefs, perspectives, and other characteristics instantly.  What’s great about connecting with someonhappy vegane else who has a similar eating style was not only the instant connection but knowing that I’m part of a larger movement.  In fact, this is what makes it all possible.  I once heard a fellow vegan say that things won’t change unless we change them.  When I asked about this in greater detail he gave the example of organic farming.  He noticed that the organic section of the grocery store where he shopped was very small.  “It will only get bigger when more people demand it,” he said.  And you know what, he’s right. If everyone started shopping organic, the supermarket would run out and have to buy more.  Over time they’d buy more and more of what’s being sold and less of what’s not being sold (and spoiling).

As a result, if I find myself in a traditional supermarket, I only buy organic.  It’s worth the extra $0.20 per pound to do so.  Not just for my health or the health of my family, but to start a worldwide movement of putting an emphasis on plant based nutrition, making a difference.  Sharing this type of story and others related to vegan eating is often the best way to connect with other plant-based eaters.

What’s your story?

I love telling people about my own personal transition to a vegan diet. This creates and instant connection with others and helps to reinforce my personal reasons for making a life change.  Are you a closet vegan or sharing your story with others?  This is one of the reasons why I created Vegan For One Day and more importantly a number of different Vegan Forums.  The online community is designed to encourage individuals to share their stories, learn about vegan eating, and saving the planet.  There is a lot to learn but working together, we can each get better every day.

Take the next step and share your story with someone today.  Even if you connect online, in person, or via social media, you’re making a lasting difference in the lives of so many.  Thanks for your continued support!


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