World Vegan Day


When we started the road to eating vegan, I never realized how much it would transform my life.  From a documentary to a new eating plan to an emerging website, we can change the world one day at a time.  World Vegan Day is November 1st and I’d like to encourage all of you to consider how you can make a difference.

Untitled designIt’s my belief that change happens at home – both literally and figuratively.  My nature is educate, not sell and that means each day I work towards bettering myself, the planet, and our environment.  During World Vegan Day, you have the chance to do the same.  This day is not about “selling” the idea of being vegan. Personally I feel that each individual is responsible for making his/her own choices.  In fact, I rarely bring up the issue of “going vegan” unless food, diet, nutrition, or health come up in conversation.  And when they do, I simply describe my reasons for eating the way I do and the results I’ve achieved.

It’s all about the long-term

The reason why I take this approach is because most people don’t like to be sold, at least not directly. Whether its a healthier body or the promise of clearer skin, I’d rather lead by example and let others see the results I’m getting and work to do the same.  This couldn’t be more important today due to the amount of messages we receive every day.  World Vegan Day is all about making changes in your own life. Going one step further, its really about deciding on the direction you want to go.

Making positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you begins with a single step.  When deciding to go vegan I didn’t purge my cupboard or empty my fridge.  In fact, in the beginning my focus was simple on adding fruits and vegetables to my eating plan.  Over time, that changed everything and gave my life purpose.  What small changes can you make on World Vegan Day?  Perhaps it’s introducing more salad or fruit into your diet.  Perhaps its sharing some posts on Twitter or Facebook.  Regardless of what you choose, align your activities with your goals.  You’ll surely find the day both promising and fulfilling.

Getting started

Its my hope that you’ll share the gift of health this November 1st by sharing your story.  A great place to do so is in our newly launched Vegan Community right here on Vegan For One Day.  My goal has been and always will be to bring vegans, vegetarians, and those trying to save our animals and the planet together.  Whether you’re a practicing vegan or just curious, I’d love to have you meet others who are making a difference every day.  The community not only brings us all together but allows us to share some very valuable information when it comes to plant based eating.

If you’re not familiar with World Vegan Day, I encourage you to learn more about and start (or advance) your path to healing.



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